Whether your goal is to become a recreational (RAAus) pilot, private pilot or even a commercial pilot, we have your needs covered!


Perhaps you've never been in a light aircraft before or maybe you've always dreamed of taking up flying as a new hobby. Even if you're a seasoned pilot wanting to upgrade your skills, convert to an RAAus license or complete your BFR, we can handle it all!


Based in an ideal flying location at Swan Hill (YSWH), on the beautiful Murray River, and Moorabbin (YMMB) we offer flexible training options and the very best learning experience - and always in a fun, relaxed atmosphere! 

RAAus Flight Training

We understand how important an excellent relationship between instructor and student really is. It's a partnership - and having a great sense of understanding and effective communication is absolutely key. We are experienced, which means getting to know you is just as important as simply teaching you how to fly! We are not a big school. We pride ourselves on simple, easy-to understand training that gives pilots confidence in their aircraft, their environment and themselves. 

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Once you learn to fly, let's keep our relationship going - or, let's get to know each other so that we can fly together and get the most out of our experiences. How often that you fly, in aviation, is as important as what experiences you have when you do, so we encourage everyone to fly often and test their skills with others to become safer and better pilots! Call us today for a chat - whether you're just starting off, or if you simply want to get to know the team.

Meet your Crew!

You're in great hands. Sport Aviation Flight Training Academy was founded - and is run by - RAAF trained pilot and RAAus CFI, Alan Middleton and Grade Two Flight Instructor (GA) and RAAus instructor, Nicholas Christie....

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Sport Aviation Flight Academy is an approved Flight Training School with Recreational Aviation Australia.

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